Under the Thermo Scientific brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (NYSE:TMO), we help scientists meet the challenges they face in the lab or in the field every day. From routine analysis to new discoveries, our innovations help professionals do the science they need to do, the way they want to do it. Our high-end analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents help our customers solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity.
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Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ cell culture labware products include well plates, cryotubes, cell factory systems, tubes, microplates, cryovials, and provides nunclon delta, maxisorp, and passive adsorption surfaces for our products.
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Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ labware adheres to the highest quality of standards – from the creation of filters, carboys, bottes, tubing, centrifuge tubes, tanks, and additional laboratory containers to our world class customer service programs.
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For more than 45 years we have been producing "Quality Built on Tradition" here in Germany. Our products are renowned for their practicality and attention to detail, continuous technical development and state of the art materials, performance and design. GFL laboratory products are used in more than 150 countries worldwide. Also, we have been supplying our products to customers all over the world. The GFL short film provides information on our stringent claims on quality, our product variety and high-performance capacities.
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Balances and scales from Adam Equipment meet the application needs of the laboratory,educational, industrial, retail and medicalfields. From research analytical balances to compact balances and industrial scales, Adam Equipment has been producing weighing scales, balances and mass measuring equipment for over 40 years.
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Our TrueBlue commitment to quality, service, and support sets us apart. Since 1977, Helmer Scientific has led the industry by designing and manufacturing innovative products that support and aid our customers’ efforts.
Our innovative products can be found in the many different markets we serve including hospitals, blood centers, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, health departments, research facilities, and more.
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Envair have a proven ability for delivering high performance and cost effective solutions for specialist ultra-clean and containment engineering associated with primary & secondary pharma manufacture and biotechnology research to fully compliant GMP sterile drug dispensing and radioactive drug preparation. Our comprehensive product ranges include simple and cost effective clean air cabinets, fume cupboards, safety cabinets and isolators (gloveboxes) right through to complex application-based isolators and large turnkey GMP projects.
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Since 1956 - for more than 40 years - HERMLE centrifuges are being sold to all parts of the world. Once a division of Berthold Hermle AG in Gosheim, HERMLE Labortechnik GmbH in Wehingen is a company of its own since the end of 1993.
The whole production program has been entirely renewed during that time.Each unit stands for efficiency, versatility and easy handling. In the meantime our centrifuges are welcome in the fields of medicine, research and industry.
A wide range of rotors is available for the different models. All centrifuges are equipped with a microprocessor and a maintenance-free direct current motor. The refrigeration system is of course CFC-free.
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Pioneering forward in advancement of science, technology and development, C J Priestley, our CEO has designed the new Centurion range offering utter perfection, with traditional functionality and safety features – this range is truly in a league of its own. Bringing together technological and design excellence Centurion has paved the way for a new generation of Centrifuges. Centurion’s international presence is immense with distributors across the world. Our carefully selected business partners are available to give sales and technical advice and guide you in the right direction when choosing the correct Centrifuge for your needs.
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Maroche s.r.l. born 20 years ago, to satisfy manifold requirements of robotic applications oriented towards any field, with a special view to biochemical sector, but also thermal, hydraulic,photometry,mechanics, plotter's realization, microcontroller, embedded systems etc. Maroche is able to find techical and complex solutions related to projects and requests of customer in order to find new resource for several application fields, with a special attention to respect for the environment.
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EVERmed is the medical division of the Everlasting group, from which acquire the experience of over 50 years presence in the sector of the industrial and professional refrigeration, grants a highly specialized production that allow us to have always the maximum expression of the cold for every sort of application (hospitals, clinics, universities, labs, pharmacies). The company, through the collaboration of high skilled personnel, specialized in the field, offer a wide range of specific products bounding together the best possible service.
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SLEE medical supplies a broad product range for equipping pathological-histological laboratories. Our products are used for the sample preparation of microscopic sample material. More than 50 years of experience in development, production and sales of freezing microtomes, microtomes and histological equipment is guarantee of high product quality and the continuous success of SLEE Medical.
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Mediwise has created a niche in the international markets as a reputed brand of quality healthcare products. Launched by V S International to cater to the global market, Mediwise includes a range of high quality surgical, medical, diagnostic, and laboratory equipment. Backed by efficient support services, our products are accredited with the requisite quality certifications and meet the demands of a varied client base. We also provide consultancy services and technical assistance to help you plan and set up clinical or diagnostic projects.
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The GVS Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of filters and components for applications in the Medical, Laboratory, Automotive, Appliance, Safety and Building Filtration sectors. For over 30 years, GVS has focussed particularly on innovating its production processes and constantly improving its products, developing the necessary technological skills to provide efficient support for its clients in developing their projects.
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